Where we’re at March 2022

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Kath Quayle


March 17, 2023

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Happy St Patrick’s Day - and here’s the craic!!

So the weather is finally warming up here on Galiano after a chilly and stormy winter, with lots of power cuts. There was another short one this morning!!

Richard is playing with the humming bird images and has some great pics. Here’s one of a male and female Anna’s and a male and female rufous all at the feeder at the same time - the pictures are taken at one minute intervals, so quite the shot as they usually don’t like to share!

From left to right: rufous male; Anna’s female; rufous female; Anna’s male.

While messing around in the sunshine this afternoon a big queen bumble bee flew by. First to be spotted this year! She collected nectar from the periwinkle, which seems to be invading our space but is also one of the few floral resources available right now.

And here she is

Other highlights this past month included peering down the microscope at a sample of a jelly fungus that appeared on the trail to Laughlin Lake, and a giant bird spotted near Pebble beach. Too far away to get a good shot, but I think maybe a Golden Eagle??

Just a few more weeks before the Galiwatch pollinator monitoring starts, and lots to do before that, as I signed up for a Master melittologist program offered by Oregon State University in collaboration with the Native Bee Society of BC!! Should keep me busy as there’s a big text book that goes with it…

Bye for now

Kath :)