2021 recap


Cait Harrigan


May 1, 2022

Reading time: <1 minute

We got a lot done this year! Lets take a look at the milestones we achieved.

JAN 2021

Hello World

Inspired by Toke Høye’s PollinatorWatch, Operation GaliWatch is born. We order weather monitoring hardware and start putting together the Raspberry Pi setup.

MAR 2021

First Steps

The setup is ready cameras positioned, air quality and weather sensors fine-tuned and working well, and we collect our first datapoints!
First bee of the year spotted on Mar 8th - a Sitka bumble bee.

APR 2021

Making Friends

We get in touch with Biodiversity Galiano, and connect with IMERSS

MAY 2021

Pilot Project

We measure pollinator activity and environmental data at our pilot site.

AUG 2021

First Data Stories

We share our pilot data and preliminary results

NOV 2021

Live monitoring

We join PurpleAir and our sensor goes live!

DEC 2022

What’s next?

We captured more pollinators on our environmental cams than we anticipated: hummingbirds and bats! We’ll see where Galiwatch takes us next!